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Former OC BBMF commends Flying the Icon: Spitfire

We are delighted to have received an endorsement for Jarrod Cotter’s ‘Flying the Icon: Spitfire’ from former Officer Commanding Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Squadron Leader Ian Smith MBE.

‘There are numerous reasons why the Supermarine Spitfire rightly deserves the title of 'Icon'.  The superlative creation is the subject of literally hundreds of books covering every single angle of its history.  This one is different, however, and I personally think Jarrod has found exciting new ground with Flying the Icon: Spitfire.  It is a beautifully presented book which is well written and knowledgeable and filled with stunning images, both old and new, air to air and from the ground.  It is a fascinating insight into actually flying a Spitfire rather than its history or the history of which it played such a significant role.  I commend it to you.  Why am I qualified to comment?   I was Squadron Leader Ian Smith and I remain honoured to have 'flown the Icon'.’

(Accompanying picture, featured in the book, shows Squadron Leader Ian Smith 'Smithy' about to climb aboard P7350.)

See for further details.

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